Gueydan Verret(non-registered)
We met at Simon's
Alba Jessica(non-registered)
I really thank you for the valuable info on this great subject and look forward to more great posts.
Ruth Hepler(non-registered)
Your "wild west" photos (from the train! really???) are breathtaking beauty and drama in black and white. So glad I got to see it through your eyes.
Lou Colaneri(non-registered)
You have a wonderful eye. I think it's very important that you keep using it to explore and expose our world.
Jim Patrizi(non-registered)
Thank you for allowing me to go places in my mind that I will certainly never get to visit in person. You are truly blessed with a rare talent to capture life as we need to see it.
Orlando Resendez(non-registered)
What an eye; you take the most ordinary objects and make them ornate and interesting. I'm keeping my eyes open for that picturesque view of nothingness framed in light and color.
Jackie U.(non-registered)
Your pictures 'take me away'. We pass things all day ever day that cannot be appreciated as much unless you really practise the 'bon vivant' way of living. You have found luxury and life in the smallest of details and I am so impressed by your work. It's inspiring!
John F.(non-registered)
Truly amazed by the depth of talent and your eye for texture and color. In the presence of genius... I think it's time to quit the day job (if you haven't already)!
Pat B. and Aimee B.(non-registered)
We especially enjoyed the mushrooms, the praying mantis, the goat herd, the wild turke. After meeting you yesterday, what a treat was instore for us in finding your site. You colors are exquisite. Aimee, my mentee, is sitting here enjoying it with me. Will try to catch you tomorrow in the Open Studio.
Jay, Loving your images. Have to comment on a couple. Bodie is one of those most remarkable places I have never forgotten. Your "windows" pictures reflect the established community as well as the broken promises of sustained wealth which caused this town to be abandoned. Thanks for letting me return through your keen eye.
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