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Young Souls Brass Band, Frenchman St.Society Brass Band, Bourbon St.Bourbon St FashionsN' Fungola Sibo  West African Dance and Drum Co.N' Fungola Sibo West African Dance and Drum Co.Big Chief Bo Dollis Jr.Zydeco Hellraisers, (L)Paul LeFleur, (R)Dwayne DopsieMichael DoucetMichael DoucetFlag Boy, RWB Mardi Gras Indian TribeMardi Gras Indians, Second Liners, Orleans Parish PoliceDetail, Back PieceMardi Gras Indian, Red White and Blue TribeSaint Roch Market 2013Saint Roch Market 2013St Roch Market 2014The Language of Light, Lafayette Cemetary"for healing my sister Rebecca", Saint Roch's Campo SantoSoBou WindowRoyal St. Window